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Highland Reeds (Achiltibuie) Drone Moisture Control System

Highland Reeds (Achiltibuie) Drone Moisture Control System

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Achiltibuie Drone Moisture Control System (MCS) has been designed and developed with you, the piper, in mind. It offers the following benefits: * KEEPS REEDS DIRIER SO YOU CAN PLAY LONGER * NO TONAL CHANGE * CONSITENCY OF AIR PRESSURE * REMOVABLE QUICK STOP DRONE VALVE * EASY TO INSTALL AND MAINTAIN * NON-BULKY, LIGHTWEIGHT SYSTEM QUICK STOP DRONE VALVE The Quick Stop drone valve has been developed as an integral part of your MCS to assist with clean starts and cut-offs. You can adjust the tension of the valve through the new screw feature. CONNECTOR A tight fit of the MCS is essential to optimise the benefits of the system and the flexi-connector provides this. You can, if desired, insert the connectors directly into the drone stock. To do this, apply black hemp to the connectors and then insert into drone stocks. CARTRIDGE The gel filled cartridge section can now be fitted to the connector. The effective playing time of the cartridge will vary according to how wet a blower you are.


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