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I have had several practice sessions using the new Ross Suede Bag with Canister System. It feels like I am playing the pipes for the first time. I especially love the new Crozier bass drone reed. It is now possible to play as long as I wish without any moisture problems. My only regret is that I didn't do this earlier. What a difference this has made in my playing and overall enjoyment of the instrument!
Cheers and Thanks, again.
Jim. Ross Hide Zipper Pipe Bag with Canister System (In Stock)

Ross Hide Zipper Pipe Bag with Canister System (In Stock)

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Ross Canister System: SIZE NOTE: All the Ross bags are sized up one size over most other bags. Example the Ross Extended Small is the equivalent of a medium in most other brands. (Ross Extended Small 27.5" X 10"). (Ross Medium 28" X 10.5"). (Ross Large 28.5" X 11")

The Ross suede Canister Pipe Bag is the result of an extensive amount of research, trial and error, and the desire to produce a major upgrade from our previous bags and canister system. The Ross Suede Pipe Bag offers pipers a combination of great comfort, feel and harmonics, and moisture control that is unequalled in the bagpipe world. The bag can be played without a canister system of course, and for drier blowers this basic setup might well be sufficient. Yet it is the implementation of the canister drying system that takes this bag to the highest level of moisture control, and has been used to great benefit by thousands of pipers throughout the world already.
The canister is the major part of the moisture control system. The basic concept of the canister system, is that the air must pass through the canister filled with drying granules prior to reaching the reeds. This canister system, combined with the highly breathable bag, offers pipers the best available means of controlling moisture, which means much greater stability of tone and longevity of reeds.
The air-tight zip makes the task of opening and sealing the bag as simple and convenient as it can get. The new air-tight zips used in our bags, are highly flexible and easily slid open or shut. Very little maintenance is required, other than a very occasional application of lubricant. 2 year manufacturer warranty.

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