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I have had a set of Classic 2 Wallace Bagpipes from early 2011, I was fortunate enough to win the Kingdom Thistle solo championships which, like many other events, Wallace Bagpipes sponsor. The Prize for first place was a voucher to be spent at my discretion with Wallace Bagpipes, Craig is very close friend of mine and he made me a set of pipes exactly to my specification and he surely did not disappoint! Before I even played a note on these pipes the workmanship and finishing quality was second to none! The engraving was perfect and the bores where only to be described as like that on a rifle! Already highly impressed with how they looked I couldn't wait to try a few tunes on them and again I surely wasn't disappointed as they had a wonderful rich tone with a perfect balance between tenor and bass drones. These pipes work well with any set up, should it be plastic or cane drone reeds. My Wallace Bagpipes have a staying in tune power that very few other makes have to offer, I knew right then that I had a fantastic set of pipes under my arm! I would recommend these pipes to a learner, a part-time player or Professional pipers as I myself have played these pipes at the highest level of pipe band competition in both St Laurence O'toole and Field Marshal Montgomery and in solo competitions across the UK. Wallace bagpipes service is second to none and as Craig being a personal friend of mine I know he and his team of very capable craftsmen will go the extra mile to ensure that you have a world class instrument on your shoulder!

Scott Wallace (Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band)

Wallace Classic 2 Bagpipe (Out of stock)

Wallace Classic 2 Bagpipe (Out of stock)

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11.00 pounds

Wallace Classic 2 Bagpipe 100% made in Scotland by Pipers for Pipers. Hand finished beading and combing nickel and imitation ivory mounts give this set a classic yet contemporary feel.

Features of the Wallace Classic 2:

Combed and beaded African Blackwood.
Imitation ivory projecting mounts.
Beaded & enclosed plain nickel ferrules.
Beaded & enclosed plain nickel ring caps.
Plain nickel slides.
Nickel & imitation ivory Bulb Mouthpiece.
Plastic pipe chanter.
Pipe chanter reed.
Zippered Canmore pipe bag.
Selbie drone reeds.
Pipe bag cover.
Silk pipe cords.

* Please Note: As of January 2, 2017, African Blackwood was placed on the endangered species list by CITES. As a result, we will no longer be shipping any African Blackwood products outside the USA.

*Please Note: Actual bagpipe may vary from image shown:

Bag Type & Size:

Moisture Control:

Drone Reeds:

Bag Cover Color:

Bag Cover Trim:


Chanter Reed:
No Chanter Reed (-$6.25)

* Select the "Plastic - Same Maker" option for the standard plastic chanter at no additional cost. Wallace pipes = Wallace Plastic Chanter, D. Naill pipes = D. Naill Plastic Chanter, McCallum and MacRae pipes = McCallum Original Pipe Chanter C1. Select those chanters from the list (with the prices shown) only if you are mixing pipe and chanter makers. :



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Craig, Thank you for working with me in putting together a set of Standard 2 bagpipes that fits my needs and budget. I am especially thankful for your having the scripture verses Psalm 100, Philippians 4:13, and Luke 12:48 engraved respectively on each of the ringcaps. I am also very pleased with the red, white, and blue colour scheme. The tube moisture control drying system that came with the Ross bag is working great. The zipper on the Ross bag allows me easy access to the drying bottle so that I can dry out the cloth after each time I play. Your willingness to educate me about bagpipes and patience in helping me put together a set of bagpipes is greatly appreciated. I had attempted to play the practice chanter on my own over 15 years ago but I was unsuccessful, so I gave my practice chanter away. I purchased another practice chanter in 2010, towards the tail end of my first deployment to Afghanistan, but once again I was unsuccessful. A few weeks Prior to my last deployment in February 2012 I learned that our signal officer, CPT Rob Stigers, played the bagpipes. When I asked Rob if he would help me learn to play the practice chanter he told me he would. Rob and I met at least once per week for 6 months. I never thought that I would ever be able to play an instrument much less read music. After 6 months I had learned to read the music for and play about 9 songs. Our weekly meetings and my daily practice helped me tremendously in dealing with very stressful situations in Southern Afghanistan. My hope is to use the bagpipes as another way to be a blessing to others. Unfortunately our unit lost 6 Paratroopers during our deployment. During our memorial services in Afghanistan I spoke a Biblical message and Rob followed my message by playing Amazing Grace. Robs playing of the bagpipes helped to bring honor to our fallen heroes. In the next year or two I hope to be able to play in both funerals and weddings. I have already had a few opportunities to play for people who enjoy the sound of the bagpipes. It is a wonderful feeling being able to bring people joy with the bagpipes you constructed for me. I pray for your continued success and safety as you travel.

God bless,
Chaplain (CPT) John Monahan 1-508 PIR 82nd ABN DIV

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