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Drone Top Extenders (in Stock)

Drone Top Extenders (in Stock)

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Drone Extenders will lower the pitch of your drones allowing you to easily obtain a concert pitch of 440Hz, without having to swap your drone reeds for a lower pitch.

The drone bush at the top of your drone varies greatly between manufacturers; you may therefore require to add a little hemp or plumbers tape to the neck of the extender to ensure a snug fit in the top of your drone.  On rare occasions where the drone bush is too narrow, the neck of the extender can be reduced in diameter by sanding around the circumference of the neck extender.

The extenders do change the operating pressure of the drone slightly and you may therefore require to nudge the bridle of the drone reed back a fraction to ensure operation of the drone.  This all depends on how you set your pipes up, so it is recommended you try them first without adjustment to see if this is required.


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