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Fred Morrison Reel & Border Pipes (IN STOCK)

Fred Morrison Reel & Border Pipes (IN STOCK)

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Fred Morrison Border pipes are an increasingly popular choice for pipers.
In the key of A, Fred Morrison Reel & Border pipes have the same fingering style and familiar ‘crack’ of the Highland pipes but have a softer, sweeter tone. This makes them ideal for playing with other instruments in groups and sessions. They are also an excellent solo instrument.
Our Fred Morrison Reelpipes are the bellows blown model. On Fred’s recommendation, the pipes are fitted with a specially designed synthetic bag, which help the drones to sit up across the chest and sit very well at the neck.
The luxury hand made bellows are fully padded with hand-sewn plush leather cushions on the front and back to ensure comfort and ease of play. The bellows are made from the highest quality components to ensure many years of great playing.
These pipes are Celtic Engraved. Drone switch is included with this set.

* Please Note: As of January 2, 2017, African Blackwood was placed on the endangered species list by CITES. As a result, we will no longer be shipping any African Blackwood products outside the USA.


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