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Gerry, just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you I am DELIGHTED with the the pipes you sent...there's not a thing I'd change if I had to order it all over again. I love the sound, the feel, the tone, the appearance. This evening I played it quite a bit and found it was comfortable and quite a bit easier to play for a length of time than my old Lawrie sret. I just ordered some maintenance items via your website, by the way, and have recommended you on Facebook. So again, thanks very much. I'll give you some more feedback after another month or so. Best regards, Dave McCallum AB4 or AB4  Deluxe Celtic Engraved Bagpipes (IN STOCK)

McCallum AB4 or AB4 Deluxe Celtic Engraved Bagpipes (IN STOCK)

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12.00 pounds

McCallum AB4 Deluxe Bagpipe - Features - Imitation ivory projecting mounts (AB4) with engraved alloy plates recessed into top surface of the mounts, engraved alloy ferrules, ringcaps, and slides, imitation ivory bushes, engraved alloy and imitation ivory mouthpiece.

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Comes with McCallum Plastic Pipe Chanter, zippered synthetic pipe bag, bag cover, silk pipe cords, & MacCallum Synthetic Drone Reeds. All bagpipes are professionally set up and tested to meet with your individual requirements before we ship to you.

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McCallum Deluxe Case ($120)


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