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I received my pipes yesterday, and everything looks great. I'm really looking forward to playing them.
Thank you so much!
-Noah McCallum AB4D Celtic or Irish Engraved Bagpipes (On Order)

McCallum AB4D Celtic or Irish Engraved Bagpipes (On Order)

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11.00 pounds

McCallum AB4 Deluxe Bagpipe - Features - Imitation ivory projecting mounts (AB4) with engraved alloy plates recessed into top surface of the mounts, engraved alloy ferrules, ringcaps, and slides, imitation ivory bushes, engraved alloy and imitation ivory mouthpiece.

Comes with McCallum Plastic Pipe Chanter, zippered synthetic pipe bag, bag cover, silk pipe cords, & Ezeedrone Synthetic Drone Reeds.

All Celtic bagpipes are professionally set up and tested to meet with your individual requirements before we ship to you.

Also available with either Blackwood or Mopane (Imitation Horn) projecting mounts.

 * Please Note: As of January 2, 2017, African Blackwood was placed on the endangered species list by CITES. As a result, we will no longer be shipping any African Blackwood bagpipe products outside the USA.


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Drone Reeds:

Chanter Reed:
No Chanter Reed (-$6.25)

Imitation Horn Projecting Mounts and Irish Engraving
Blackwood Projecting Mounts
Mopane Projecting Mounts


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