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Hi Gerry,
Thank you for your friendly & knowledgeable assistance, purchasing my new McCallum pipes! They look fabulous! I am excited to play them and practice recalling my tunes, creating a refreshed repertoire. I will look for them later this week in the UPS delivery.

Hi Gerry,
My McCallum P0 set of pipes arrived safely today, Wed 3/13. I'm really delighted with them! They look great and sound great. Thank you for your quick service, getting them set up and shipped to me in time for the big St Patrick's Day parade this weekend in NYC. I'm excited to try them out then and play them in all the parades coming up! Love that chanter reed! It suits me well for quick use. How does this water bottle trap work?
Thanks again for your great service!
As Always,
Bill Sincerely,
Devon McCallum P0 Bagpipes (IN STOCK)

McCallum P0 Bagpipes (IN STOCK)

Quantity in Basket: 
Shipping Weight: 
12.00 pounds

McCallum P0 Bagpipes - These black Acetyl bagpipes have virtually the same sound as quality Blackwood bagpipes. The drones and chanter have identical dimensions to the Blackwood range of McCallum Bagpipes. We have a great choice of keenly priced bagpipes in the Acetyl range.

The McCallum P0 Bagpipes have Small plastic projecting mounts, plastic ferrules, plastic ring caps. The drones are fully combed & beaded. (Plastic is black Acetyl). These Pipes are the same great quality and workmanship you have been accustomed to from McCallum.

McCallum P0  Bagpipe comes to you complete with plastic pipe chanter, zippered Gortex pipe bag,  drone reeds, chanter reed,  bag cover and silk cords, professionaly set up and ready to play.  To meet with your individual requirements customize your bagpipe set up from the lists given below. 

We have included an adjustable length blowpipe at no extra charge with this set. This blowpipe will allow you to customize the bagpipe to your individual height requirements.

*Please Note: Actual bagpipe may vary from image shown:

Bag Type & Size:

Moisture Control:

Drone Reeds:


Chanter Reed:
No Chanter Reed (-$6.25)

Piper's Height:
5'- 2" or less
5'- 3" to 5'- 6
5'- 7" to 5'- 8"
5'- 9" to 5'- 10"
5'- 11" to 6'- 0"
6'- 1" to 6'- 4"
6' - 5" or more

* Select the "Plastic - Same Maker" option for the standard plastic chanter at no additional cost. Wallace pipes = Wallace Plastic Chanter, D. Naill pipes = D. Naill Plastic Chanter, McCallum and MacRae pipes = McCallum Original Pipe Chanter C1. Select those chanters from the list (with the prices shown) only if you are mixing pipe and chanter makers. :


Bag Cover (Size - Color - Trim):


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