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Order Replacement Bagpipe Parts

Order Replacement Bagpipe Parts

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1.00 pounds

If you've got a cracked Bass Top Section or Blowpipe Stock, we've got the parts to replace them. These are high-quality Plastic and African Blackwood items, starting at $85.00.

Plastic Blowpipe Stock $85
Plastic Chanter Stock $85
Plastic Tenor Stock $85
Plastic Bass Stock $90
Blackwood Blowpipe Stock $130
Blackwood Chanter Stock $130
Blackwood Tenor Stock $130
Blackwood Bass Stock $145
Plastic Bass Top $130
Plastic Bass Mid-Joint $125
Plastic Bass Bottom $125
Plastic Tenor Top $125
Plastic Tenor Bottom $110
Blackwood Bass Top $200
Blackwood Bass Mid-Joint $175
Blackwood Bass Bottom $165
Blackwood Tenor Top $175
Blackwood Tenor Bottom $165


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