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Pro Flow Drone Valves (IN STOCK)

Pro Flow Drone Valves (IN STOCK)

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To improve your starts and stops and the efficiency and steadiness of your playing, Pro Flow drone valves are a must. These valves are well designed and are very easy to adjust just by turning the screw. Adjusted to the correct setting, the valves will allow the optimum amount of air to pass through and will regulate air flow to prevent over blowing. thus allowing you to play a much steadier bagpipe. There are no tools required and no elastics to stretch. We think this the best on the market.

Features of Pro Flow Drone Valves:

* Control airflow for crisper strike-ins cut-offs
* Easy to install
* Seat securely in stocks
* Prevent over-blowing
* Regulate unsteady blowing
* Adjustments are made by twisting the screw


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