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Fagerstrom Technopipes - Uilleann Version NEW VERSION  (Special Order)

Fagerstrom Technopipes - Uilleann Version NEW VERSION (Special Order)

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This is the New Version 

The touch sensor is removed and instead the octave switching is made by holding a simple bag under your arm and pressing it to go into the second octave.

This makes the octave switching much easier,

 Expect two to three week delivery on this special order. This is the Uilleann pipes version of the Fagerstrom Technopipe. 

It is not a v-Pipe. It only has the very basic Uilleann pipes functionality: Uilleann sound samples, low D sensor, a touch octave sensor, and of course it works as a MIDI controller like the other versions.  Both Uilleann and GHB fingerings are built in (but only Uilleann sound).

It does not have regulators, and it does not do glissandos. The finger spacing is the same as that of the GHB version Technopipe.  It does not have keys on the chanter but a full chromatic scale can be achieved by cross-fingering.  We have received great help from the Swedish Uilleann pipes Erik Ask-Upmark; the final development however, has been made together with Michael Eskin, the US Uilleann piper and iOS app developer. In fact, the fingering and octave switching method corresponds exactly to that of his famous Uilleann pipes iPad app.

The Uilleann version of the Technopipes can work as a MIDI controller for the iPad app with its built-in rich sound samples.


To connect your Technopipes electric bagpipes to an amplifier/PA system/mixer etc. Just remember; most PA system inputs are mono. What you will need then is a stereo to 2x mono splitter cable. Then you just use one of the mono contacts for connecting to the PA system, and let the other hang. Hi-Fi stores often have cables with a 3.5mm male stereo contact in one end and 2x mono phono contacts in the other. Of course, then you would probably need some adapter between the phono contact and your PA system. You will probably need to turn the volume of the Technopipes up all the way to get a good signal level. I myself have a Line 6 Micro Spider. It’s quite cheap and has the ability to add reverb to the sound which makes quite a difference

 More information, pictures, and video clips are available at : www.facebook.com/michaeleskin

And here are a couple of Youtube demo videos:  Demo 1   Demo 2

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