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D.Naill & Co. Ltd.

Bagpipe Makers of Distinction

Since 1976, D.Naill & Co, Ltd, have delivered an instrument of exceptional tonal quality sought after by the world's top players.
Every major award in piping has been won time and time again with David Naill bagpipes and chanters, including The Gold and Silver medals at Oban and Inverness, The Clasp, and The Glenfiddich Championships, to name but a few.

At D.Naill & Co the focus never waivers, the company continues to aspire to make the best possible instrument using the latest machinery and having an expert staff.
Over the years they have refined their designs, processes and tooling to produce an instrument that is outstanding in tonal quality and appearance.

All bagpipes listed in this section are complete sets and are professionally set up and delivered to you ready to play. Let us know if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player and we will set up your new bagpipe accordingly. These bagpipes for sale are set up with a Synthetic zipper pipe bag, Ezeedrone Reeds drone reeds, bag cover, silk cords and pipe chanter reed . If you would like to substitute any section of your bagpipe such as drone reeds, pipe bag, cover, cords or pipe chanter please feel free to contact us for a price quote. When you purchase a bagpipe you are more than just a sale, you are a valued customer, and we will always be here to assist you with any pipe related questions or concerns.

If you don't see the D.Naill bagpipes for sale that you are looking for, contact us for price and delivery time.

For more information, Email us at: info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

D. Naill Bagpipes

Hi Gerry.
I want to thank you for the excellent service you gave me when I recently purchased the silver mounted Naill bagpipes. They arrived in perfect condition and were exactly what I was expecting. I appreciate your comments about bag size and blowpipe length and the fact that you changing the drone reeds to give a better harmonic sound. Iíve had a lot of favourable comments from my family and band members and I enjoy playing them so much that I donít want to put them down. Itís been a pleasure dealing with you and hope to visit you the next time I go to New York.


I wanted to send my thanks and appreciation for the new set of Naill pipes you sold me (and set up for me while I was in your store). It was especially interesting because, although I've played pipes for 20 years, I'd never actually purchased a set of pipes myself. I love the sound and I look forward to playing the instrument every day.
Kind regards.

Thanks again,

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For more information: Email us at info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

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