» Bagpipe Goose Adapter (IN STOCK)

Bagpipe Goose Adapter (IN STOCK)

Bagpipe Goose Adapter (IN STOCK)

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Bagpipe Goose Adapter - This Goose Adapter fits into the bagpipe chanter stock to adapt a piper's practice chanter to the bagpipe. Just remove your drones, cork up the drone stocks, and you have in inexpensive practice goose. This will allow a piper to practice at length without becoming winded, or for beginners to practice blowing before moving on to a regular bagpipe.Easy to install hemp the threaded end to fit into your bagpipe chanter stock and insert your practice chanter bottom section, you may have to add a little hemp to your practice chanter to get a tight fit. Excellent for new pipers.

Fits most brands excluding Gibson.


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