» Blair Digital Chanter with Victorian Engraving (IN STOCK)

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you and your company do ! It was a pleasure and I must say I wish every company that I order things from modeled your business practices ! I just found out I need a cut-off pedal, so if you have it I am going to order it after this email. Have a awesome night !
Bruce Blair Digital Chanter with Victorian Engraving (IN STOCK)

Blair Digital Chanter with Victorian Engraving (IN STOCK)

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The Blair Digital Chanter with Victorian Engraving gives you World class pipe sounds anywhere, anytime!

* Christmas Special -  Comes complete with Blair Digital Chanter, Case, USB cable, Rechargeable battery, Wallace Long plastic practice chanter and Warnock reed.

The Blair Digital Chanter produces Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe and Practice Chanter sounds, which are all genuine with a rich full tone and in tune to the drones. They’ve been recorded in a real-life piping environment to further enhance the authenticity of the instrument without any synthesising or colouring. Even the metronome includes actual percussion sounds with 8 different beat patterns.
There are actual holes on the Blair Digital Chanter, a true instrument just like the traditional.
What you can do with this digital chanter is simply amazing!
Victorian design hand engraved mounts on high-grade aluminium.

Highland Bagpipes
Scottish Smallpipes
Practice Chanter
Pitch range 440 -486hz
Audio output 3.5mm
USB (MIDI, recharging battery and updating software)
Rechargeable battery
Supplied with high-quality case made by Bagpiper cases, and USB lead.

Listen to a sample of the  Blair Digital Chanter

Question - Can I use an external speaker with the Blair Digital Chanter?

Answer - Yes you can, to use an external speaker with the Blair Digital Chanter just connect a portable speaker by inserting a 3.5mm lead into the audio output, then into the speaker. 

Video Demos:

Setting Sensors

When notes ‘Gurgle’ - sensors set too high

Sensors set too low

Smallpipe Demo

BDC Air Bag

Also Available

Introducing the new BDC Air Bag for the Blair Digital Chanter.
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