» Blair Digital Chanter Plain Mounts (IN STOCK)

Blair Digital Chanter Plain Mounts (IN STOCK)

Blair Digital Chanter Plain Mounts (IN STOCK)

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World class pipe sounds anywhere, anytime!

The Blair Digital Chanter produces Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe and Practice Chanter sounds, which are all genuine with a rich full tone and in tune to the drones. They’ve been recorded in a real-life piping environment to further enhance the authenticity of the instrument without any synthesising or colouring. Even the metronome includes actual percussion sounds with 8 different beat patterns.
There are actual holes on the Blair Digital Chanter, a true instrument just like the traditional.
What you can do with this electronic bagpipe practice chanter is simply amazing!
Victorian design hand engraved mounts on high-grade aluminium.

Highland Bagpipes
Scottish Smallpipes
Practice Chanter
Pitch range 440 -486hz
Audio output 3.5mm
USB (MIDI, recharging battery and updating software)
Rechargeable battery
Supplied with high-quality case made by Bagpiper cases, and USB lead.

Listen to a sample of the  Blair Digital Chanter

Question - Can I use an external speaker with the Blair Digital Chanter?

Answer - Yes you can, to use an external speaker with the Blair Digital Chanter just connect a portable speaker by inserting a 3.5mm lead into the audio output, then into the speaker.

Video Demos:

Setting Sensors

When notes ‘Gurgle’ - sensors set too high

Sensors set too low

Smallpipe Demo

McCallum Catalog

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