» Blair Bagpipe Tuner (In Stock)

Blair Bagpipe Tuner (In Stock)

Blair Bagpipe Tuner (In Stock)

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Blair Bagpipe Tuner
It’s easy to use, accurate and precise.

The Blair Bagpipe tuner is the only dedicated tuner for the Highland Bagpipe scale. It features a large widescreen LCD showing the note, frequency and pitch position (cents) as you play notes on your bagpipe. It’s highly sensitive with advanced detection technology. There are dedicated tuning modes for both Chanter, Drones and ‘Fine Tuning’, an innovative high-resolution mode displaying frequencies @0.1Hz.

The tuner also has an external 3.5mm microphone input and universal thread for mounting onto a tripod or selfie-stick for extra reach.

The Blair Bagpipe Tuner is an absolute all-rounder for the Solo Piper or Pipe Band.
NOTE: You will need to supply 2, 3volt AAA batteries.  

Chanter Mode
Drones Mode
Fine Tuning Mode
Note Display
Frequency Display
Cents Position +/- 50
Calibration range 456 -499Hz
Auto calibration memory save
Power save function
Low Battery indicator
Internal Microphone
External Microphone input (3.5mm)
Universal tripod mount

Power 2x AAA Battery (not included in box)
Weight 84grams
Size 98x64x17mm

Made in Australia
Case & External microphone not included.


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