Piping Tips

The articles below cover a variety of different aspects of piping; from maintenance, to tuning, to playing in public.

Bag Maintenance

This article covers the different types and sizes
of bags, and how to check for air leaks.

Blowpipes and Valves

Blowpipe and valve options, and how to determine
the proper length for your blowpipe.


A discussion of hemp, and the techniques
used to ensure your joints are airtight.

Selecting a Chanter Reed

Criteria and techniques for selecting a pipe chanter reed.

Drone Reed Setup

This article covers the initial setup of your
drone reeds.

Blowing Steady Pressure

Discusses the importance of good posture and
steady air pressure while playing the pipes.

Tuning the Drones

This article covers the initial setup of your
drone reeds.

Pipe Tuning with an Electronc Tuner

A discussion of the process used for tuning
your pipes using an electronic tuner.

Tuning the Chanter to the Drones

The follow-on to the Tip about tuning
with an electronic tuner.

Tuning the Pipe Chanter

Further discussion of the use of an electronic
tuner for fine tuning the chanter.

Moisture Control and Water Traps

Discussion of the importance of moisture control
and the various types of water traps available.

Basic 6 - Maintenance Kit

Covers the six items that all pipers
should have in their case.

How to Practice

Tips on how to organize your practice
sessions to make the most of your time.

Playing in Public

Tips on preparation, tuning and performing
for family gatherings and other public appearances.

Packing your Pipes

Protect your pipes by following
the packing process described here.

Using Two Chanters

Discusses the benefit of having a second
pipe chanter for non-band events.

The Practice Chanter

Learn the anatomy of
the practice chanter here.

The Practice Chanter Reed

Learn how to select, tune and
maintain your practice chanter reed.

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