Basic 6 - Maintenance Items

Basic 6 Maintenance Kit: - These six items are a must have for all pipers.

WaterTraps Stock Stoppers - They are used either when seasoning a pipe bag, checking air tightness, or turning your bag into a practice goose. These stoppers are made from rubber so they will not break or wear out.

Drone Top Stoppers - Are used to shut either one or all of your drones off. This can be when you are breaking in a new reed or getting back into playing shape. These drone stoppers are made from rubber so they will not break or wear down.

1oz Yellow Waxed Hemp - Used on all joints of your bagpipe and practice chanter. Keeping your pipes hemped properly is most important in tuning and air efficiency. This waxed hemp will not absorb moisture, therefore, will not swell or rot as quickly as non-waxed hemp.

Chanter Drying Brush - This brush allows you to clean and dry the chanter and tuning slide bores. Keeping all the inside bores dry is most important to prevent warping of the bagpipe parts.

Drone Drying Brush - The absorbent cotton tip removes moisture from all inside bores on the drones and stocks. Keeping the bores dry is most important in keeping the parts from warping and cracking.

Chanter Stock Cover - Is used to protect the chanter reed when you remove the chanter from the pipe bag. The cover protects the reed and allows it to dry.

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