Two Chanters are Better than One

If you play in a Pipe Band one of the smartest moves you can make is to have two pipe chanters in your pipe case. Many Pipe Majors like to set up the pipe chanter with a fairly strong reed to give the band as much volume as possible, especially if it is a competition pipe band. Pipe Majors spend a great deal of time choosing reeds, taping notes and tuning chanters to give them the sound that they are looking for from the pipe corps.

Individual pipers, on the other hand, like to play with an easier reed and perhaps a different pitch than the band. When they're at home and away from the band, they'll remove the band reed & tape and set the chanter to their individual preference. This is not at all fair to the Pipe Major or your fellow band members as it means that the Pipe Major has to go through the whole setting up and tuning procedure at each and every practice.

Let's make the Pipe Major a happy guy (You don't see that all that often). If you have two pipe chanters with reeds caps in your pipe case one can be used for the band set up just the way the PM wants it to sound, one can be set up to your individual strength and pitch preference. Put the band chanter in for band practice, use the other at home, everyone is happy.

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