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Services and Instruction

Bagpipe services available:

$10 Install and set up drone reeds and pipe chanter
$15-Install Tone Enhancers into zipper style pipe bag
$20-Shorten blowpipe
$25-Install a collared synthetic or hybrid pipe bag
  * Add $10 if adding Canister type system
$35-Bagpipe Diagnostic Test: we will play your bagpipe and offer our recommendations as to how the instrument can be improved.
$45-Complete re-hemping of pipes
  * Add $16 for hemp
$79-Annual Tune Up: clean and polish pipes, brushing and oiling bores, remove old hemp, complete re-hemping, secure loose mounts

Goods sold on consignment: 70% (Customer) - 30% (Pipeline) split.

For more information, Email us at: info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

Piping Workshops and Lessons


We offer a wide variety of classes and individual bagpipe instruction for pipers at all experience levels. Learn to play bagpipes at Pipeline!
For information about our private lessons:
call Gerry at (973)513-5931 or (570)857-7092
or e-mail us at: info@pipeline-bagpipes.com
***Click for info about Classes or individual instruction


Do you need a bagpiper (or a band) for a special event? Whether you need a piper, several pipers or a whole pipe and drum band for your wedding, funeral, party, parade or other event, we have experienced musicians available.
Call or email Gerry for details.
(973)513-5931 or (570)857-7092 or info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

Piping Tips


Come visit our Piping Tips Pages , where we've compilied the best Bagpipe Tips to make your piping more enjoyable. These articles cover everything from care and maintenance, to tuning, to tips for playing in public, and are applicable to pipers of all experience levels.

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Services and Instruction

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For more information: Email us at info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

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