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We offer hand made 8 yd kilts, Argyle, and Prince Charlie jackets, vests, and fly plaids. Books on how to wear the outfit and carriers to hold them. If you do not see the article you are looking for please call or Email us.

How To Wear The Kilt - The Kilt is normally worn about 1" above your belly button & should be firm but not too tight. Start with the pleats to the back and bring the right-hand panel with the single strap arount to the left and feed the strap through the pre-made hole in the kilt and then through into the buckle. Pull this tight and count the number of holes used. Now take the left-hand panel and pull across to the right, the top leather strap should go on the same number of holes as the first strap. This helps keep the kilt balanced. If your kilt benefits from a seat strap, fasten this as well, but not tight. this only helps to keep the kilt closed. You know when you the the kilt on correctly when you have the kilt 1" above your navel and when you look in the mirror, you see the kilt resting on the top of your knee or no further than the middle of your knee. Make sure the tartan patterned is centered to your body.

Kilts, Jackets & Plaids

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