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Kilt Belts and Buckles - Keep your kilt in place with a stylish Irish kilt belt and kilt buckle combination. Kilt belts and buckles should always be worn, whenever you are wearing your kilt without a vest.

How To Wear a Belt And Buckle - Technically belts and buckles aren't strictly needed with a kilt, as the kilt should stay in place without them, but a belt and buckle is a traditional part of semi-formal outfits such as the Argyle and is often worn with casual outfits too. Irish belt buckles are not normally worn with a Prince Charlie jacket & Vest, or any other formal outfit that includes a vest.

Hi Gerry,
Thank you very much. I will be sure to let others know of your business..... You saved the day for my needs for this week's parade....
You are a Godsend.
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Mike Barber.

Kilt Belts & Buckles

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