» Glen Esk Shamrock Badge Horsehair Sporran (IN STOCK)

Glen Esk Shamrock Badge Horsehair Sporran (IN STOCK)

Glen Esk Shamrock Badge Horsehair Sporran (IN STOCK)

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3.00 pounds

Glen Esk Shamrock Badge Horsehair Sporran. This quality horsehair sporran, with a patent leather cantle and chrome Shamrock Badge. The horsehair has wonderful color and feel. A wide pocket makes the sporran a convenient pocket for wallet and keys. Made in Scotland.

Features of the Plain Thistle Cantle Horsehair Sporran:

* Off-white horsehair front
* Black horsehair tassels
* Patent leather cantle with chrome trim
* Chrome Harp Badge
* Chrome cones
* Black grained leather back
* Full pocket
* Includes chain belt

HOW TO WASH A HORSE HAIR SPORRAN Since horse hair sporrans are made from real horse hair, you should clean your sporran the same way you would wash your own hair: using a good shampoo.
If there are kinks in the horse hair sporran, wash with shampoo and blow dry using a good flat brush - do this on a flat surface such as a table. Leave there to dry fully.

Chain Size:
34" - 44"
40" - 50"
46" - 56"
56" - 60"

*** Chain straps should be at least 4 - 6 inches longer than your waist size to allow for the drop:

*** Our chains have plenty of holes for adjustment:


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