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As there are no pockets in a kilt, a sporran is a must to hold a wallet, car keys and perhaps a small flask. Economy Sporrans, Dress Sporrans, Horsehair or Special Order Sporrans we have one to compliment your kilt outfit. If you don't see the sporrans for sale you are looking for call or Email us, and we will make one up for you.

How To Wear A Sporran - The sporran should be placed to the front of the kilt, and in the center of the tartan pattern. The chain strap goes through the belt loops and are fastened together in the rear. When wearing a sporran with a vest, the sporran should be just below the bottom of the vest. When wearing the sporran with a jacket without a vest, the sporran should be 3 to 4 finger widths below the buckle. When wearing a horsehair sporran, the bottom of the horsehair should be 1" below the kilt.

Sporrans and Accessories

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