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Got the Flexistick blowstick today in the mail. WOW - what a difference! There must have been a leak somewhere in the Gibson blowstick because the Flexistick seems to have made my system a heck of lot more air efficient. And it's a *lot* more comfortable too - with the angle adjustment, I don't need to extend it anywhere near as long as the Gibson which may also have something to do with the air efficiency. Thanks so much for your help! Round Flexistick Available in 4 Size Choices (IN STOCK)

Round Flexistick Available in 4 Size Choices (IN STOCK)

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1.00 pounds

Made for Pipeline by McCallum Bagpipes Scotland.

Flexistick Adjustable Length & Angle Blowpipe - Blowpipe - (Now with more flexability in length choices, only available at Pipeline) - Is a precision made bagpipe blowstick that extends over a range of 1.5 inches (4 lengths/ranges available). It has a swivel joint which allows the player to angle the blowpipe for a more comfortable playing position. The projecting mount options are imitation ivory or black. 
It has a number of component parts with which set it apart from other blowpipes:
This blowpipe for sale has a built in valve.
Swivel Joint:- loosen swivel cover and adjust to favoured position, then tighten firmly. Telescopic tube: - loosen locknut and extend to preferred position then tighten firmly.

* Also abailable with an Oval Mouthpiece - See below.

We are often asked "What's the difference between a Flexistick and an Airstream Tilt blowpipe". The Flexistick is turned on a CNC machine and is made from the same durable plastic as used in a practice chanter, so the Flexistick is very strong. The Airstream Tilt is a mold injected product and is a more brittle plastic.


Imitation Ivory


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