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Electronic Bagpipes and Practice Chanters are highly portable, and can contain built in metronomes, adjustable pitch, Highland Bagpipe and Small Pipe sounds. Electric bagpipes allow you to practice in quite situations and teach you to have light fingers as you do not have to close the holes only make contact with them to sound the instrument.

For more information on electric pipes and electric chanters, Email us at: info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

Electronic Bagpipes

I just got my Technochanter, and I am finding it hard to put down. What a great skill developing tool this is. I never realized how week I am with my cross-overs. I can hear every single little mistake on this Technochanter. I know that it will definately improve my playing.
Thanks again.
Alan McGill.

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For more information: Email us at info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

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