» Fagerstrom Technopipe New Mark ll Variants (Special Order)

Hi Gerry,
Thank you for your outstanding service. I got all the purchased items ahead of the USPS projected delivery dates.
So far, I'm very happy with the Technopipes Mark II and I play it every day for at least 15-20 min in addition to my daily hour-long practice with real Kaba (Bulgarian Rhodope region) bagpipe.
Thank you for the great service,
Stanley Fagerstrom Technopipe New Mark ll Variants (Special Order)

Fagerstrom Technopipe New Mark ll Variants (Special Order)

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2.00 pounds

These Fagerstrom Technopipe Mark ll Variants have an authentic bagpipe sound and are available in the following styles:

- Uilleann
- French
- Galician/Asturian/GHB
- Bock
- Medieval
- Bulgarian
- Northumbrian 7 Key

(These variants are all special order - Expect two to three week delivery times)


* Highly Portable. Fits in your pocket (5/8" by 10")
* Contains all the electronics including the battery.(no extra box to plug in)
* Uses Stereo Earphones: perfect to play on buses,trains etc. Ideal for the commuter.
* Unforgiving at detecting crossing noise.
* Authentic Bagpipe sound
* Drones sound with different drone configurations.
* Built in Metronome.
* Adjustable contact sensitivity.
* Pitch adjustable within a two octave range.
* Recording capabilities, with variable playback speed.
* MIDI output. (cable included)
* Runs on one standard AAA 1.5V alkaline battery or one AAA 1.2V NiMH rechargeable battery. Runs for approx. 10 hours on a 1000mAh rechargeable NiMH battery.
* Touch controls for all settings.
* One year warranty.


The Earbuds are not supplied. Please use stereo earbudss or stereo herdphones with a 16 Ohm impedance and a 03.5mm plug.


 To connect your Technopipes electric bagpipes to an amplifier/PA system/mixer etc. Just remember; most PA system inputs are mono. What you will need then is a stereo to 2x mono splitter cable. Then you just use one of the mono contacts for connecting to the PA system, and let the other hang. Hi-Fi stores often have cables with a 3.5mm male stereo contact in one end and 2x mono phono contacts in the other. Of course, then you would probably need some adapter between the phono contact and your PA system. You will probably need to turn the volume of the Technopipes up all the way to get a good signal level. I myself have a Line 6 Micro Spider. Itís quite cheap and has the ability to add reverb to the sound which makes quite a difference



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