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Dress up, and keep your feet comfortable with our wide choice of Kilt Shoes, Socks, Sock Flashes & Spats.

How to Wear Kilt Hose & Garter Flash - Put the Kilt Hose on and pull all the way up your leg. Wrap the elastic of the Garter Flash round your leg roughly two finger's width below your knee. Now fold the patterned top of the Kilt Hose over the Flash, allow about a 2" to 4" section of the Flash to show on the outside of the leg. Keep the flash socks or Kilt Hose lines straight and wrinkle free.

How to Wear Ghillie Brogues - These are similar to a dress wing tip shoe, but has no tongue. To tie them: 1. Put on the shoe, tighten and tie a single knot in the lace as you normally would. 2. Keeping this knot tight, run your hand up the lace towards the tassels, keeping the lace taut. 3. Swap hands 6 times, to create a twist in the lace, the twisted section of the lace should now be about 2" long. 4. Lay this against your leg and bring the laces around your ankle, just above the ankle bone. Swap hands once at the back and bring the laces back around to the front of your leg. 5. Angle the laces slightly to tie a knot about 1.5" abovt the twist, and tie a bow as normal. A double knot will help ensure they stay tied.

How to Wear Spats - Slip your kilt shoes into the spats, pull the elastic, (on the bottom of the spats) back to the shoe heel, bring both ends of the velcre closure together, button the top & bottom buttons. Make sure the buttone are on the outside of your leg.

Spats, Socks , Flash & Shoes

Hi Gerry:
I had ordered and received two pair of gillies and I thought I would let you know that they fit perfectly. Also, many thanks for recommending the Souter reeds, they are the perfect strength for me. They really make playing enjoyable.
I have really enjoyed doing business with you, and have recommended your site to all my piping friends.
Wayne Holscott.

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