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McCallum Bagpipes Whether you are a serious competitor or just plain serious about the bagpipes you play, our choice of McCallum instruments harness luxurious refinement and unrivalled craftsmanship with uncompromising sound quality that only a set of McCallum Bagpipes can produce. Every budget is catered for in our exclusive collection of bagpipes. All McCallum Bagpipes are precision manufactured at the factory premises in Ayrshire by a team of highly skilled bagpipe makers – some of whom are experienced pipers, providing you with the peace of mind that all McCallum Bagpipes products are made by true experts. .

All bagpipes listed in this section are complete sets and are professionally set up and delivered to you ready to play. Let us know if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player and we will set up your new bagpipe accordingly. Bagpipes are set up with a Synthetic zipper pipe bag, Ezeedrone drone reeds, bag cover, silk cords and pipe chanter reed. If you would like to substitute any section of your bagpipe such as drone reeds, pipe bag, cover, cords or pipe chanter please feel free to contact us for a price quote. When you buy McCallum bagpipes you are more than just a sale, you are a valued customer, and we will always be here to assist you with any pipe related questions or concerns.

If you don't see the McCallum Bagpipes you would like to buy, contact us for price and delivery time.

For more information, Email us at: info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

I cannot find the words that compliment my gratitude for all of your professional business. My new McCallum AB9 Pipes are brilliant!!!!! I will send a photo from my next performance. I look forward to a venue when I can shake both of your hands. The extras added were overwhelming......wow Sirs thank you, thank you, thank you! Good to be taken care of at that level of benevolent customer service. As always I will represent over three hundred years of tradition every time with a stunning appearance and strive every time to play the old tunes with the same precision.

Thanks again Gerry and Stuart and all the team at McCallum Bagpipes ! -- Pipe Major JD

McCallum Bagpipes

Playing in Public All musicians, no matter how experienced, are nervous prior to the start of their performance. Preparation, therefore, is essential. Getting your nerves under control will happen if you are confident about your mastery of the technical aspects of the pipes and if you play only those tunes you know very well. Avoid playing professional engagements until you are a competent player. Playing a tuned instrument is a must as well as playing at a tempo that reflects a good standard of technique. Avoid playing at family functions until you are ready to do so. If you struggle through a tune, the audience struggles with you. When played well, the bagpipes can be the best sounding instrument in the world and in some cases the worst. Playing out of tune, not knowing the music, and not playing properly can all be detected by those who listen. The best advice is to practice steadily working toward competence and confidence. Get "a thumbs up" from a respected teacher who will confirm your readiness to play to an audience. A successful first time performance will provide the encouragement needed for you to future engagements. Once you have made the decision to play in public, follow the following tips: * Make sure your bagpipe is well maintained and in tune. * Plan on what you are going to play keeping it appropriate for the event. * Dress appropriately for the event. * If you are going to be introducing the tunes you play, be knowledgeable about them. * Providing interesting facts about the tune's history can add to your audience's attention. * Check out where you are playing and, if possible, try tuning in a similar room or area with a similar temperature. * Tune up and warm up prior to presenting yourself to the audience. For many events, tuning in public may be inappropriate. * In settings where tuning in public is acceptable, keep it to a minimum. * Always remember to thank your audience either with a vocal "thank you", your best smile or perhaps a bow or salute.

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For more information: Email us at info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

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