» Rubber Blowpipe Valve for Highland Pipes & Small Pipes (In Stock)

Rubber Blowpipe Valve for Highland Pipes & Small Pipes (In Stock)

Rubber Blowpipe Valve for Highland Pipes & Small Pipes (In Stock)

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The Large Flapper Valve on the left is for the Highland Bagpipe, and is approximately 11/16" diameter.
The Small Flapper Valve on the right is for Small Pipes, and is approximately 1/2" diameter.

Rubber Blowpipe Valve - This rubber valve requires no modification to your existing blowpipe. It is a device that by design stays closed giving a complete seal with no drying out. Although these valves last a long time, it is a good idea to keep an extra one in your pipe case.

What type of Valve is best for me?
(1) The older pipes came with a leather flapper or clacker valve that usually need to have some moisture added to the leather in order to operate correctly, if you are playing one of these you may want to replace it with a rubber flapper valve (2), this type of valve is made from rubber and secured to the end of the blowpipe that goes into the stock, using hemp. They must be fitted correctly to the blowpipe in order to be airtight. The (3)rd type of valve, is found in some Airstream blowpipes and Flexisticks, and is mounted internally between removable sections of the blowpipe. (4) The Little Mac valve style, is inserted into the hemped end of blowpipe and has great back-flow restriction, but also restricts the amount of air that you can blow through it because of its size and location. (5) The  Moose Valve style that goes into the blowpipe stock.

How do I check that the valve is airtight?
To check for airtightness with any of these valves, place the hemped section of the blowpipe in your mouth and blow, if air is escaping up the blowpipe remove the hemp and reattach the valve until you achieve an airtight seal. If you are happy with the length of your blowpipe but want a less restrictive valve or are tired of adjusting the flapper valve, investigate the valves that are inserted into the blowpipe stock, such as the popular Moose Valve. These blowpipe stock valves have three advantages over the flapper valves: they are easy to install, are much larger in diameter so they allow you to fill the bag quicker and they also form a moisture dam or well in the stock. The moisture gathers between the valve and the stock wall and can be removed by simply tipping the stock with the blowpipe removed.

Learn by doing!
Installing a rubber flapper valve

1. The hemped end of your blowpipe should have a flat surface (White area) where the copper staple section of the flapper valve is placed. If your blowpipe does not have this flat section it is advisable to create one with a file or wood chisel.

2. Place the copper section of the valve in the flat section of the blowpipe making sure that the rubber valve is tight against the end of the blowpipe, and even all the way around.

3. Put a wrap of 2 sided sticky tape around the hemped end and covering the copper staple. The 2 sided sticky tape will keep the hemp from spinning.

4. Hemp to fit the size of your blowpipe stock.

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