» McCallum Universal Expandable Blowpipe with built in valve Oval Style In 4 Size Choices (IN STOCK)

Hi Gerry,
The blowpipe arrived today and it is PERFECT! You even hemped it just right for my Kintails. At the shortest length it is identical to the one I have played for 20+ years!
I couldn’t ask for better service.
I’m going to let my pipe major know about you. We are not a large band, but we do buy things!
Guns and Hoses of SW Florida.
Again my thanks. My pipes are again easy to play!
Carolyn McCallum Universal Expandable Blowpipe with built in valve Oval Style In 4 Size Choices (IN STOCK)

McCallum Universal Expandable Blowpipe with built in valve Oval Style In 4 Size Choices (IN STOCK)

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Why is a McCallum Universal Expandable Blowpipe with built in valve the best blowpipe on the market? - The McCallum Universal Expandable Blowpipe with built in valve is a precision made blowpipe that extends over a range of 1.5 inches (3 lengths/ranges available). It has a swivel joint which allows the player to angle the blowpipe for a more comfortable playing position. The projecting mount options are imitation ivory or black.
It has a number of component parts with which set it apart from other blowpipes:
Built in valve.
Swivel Joint:- loosen swivel cover and adjust to favoured position, then tighten firmly. Telescopic tube: - loosen locknut and extend to preferred position then tighten firmly.

Also available with a round mouthpiece - See Below.

We are often asked "What's the difference between a McCallum Universal Expandable Blowpipe with built in valve and an Airstream Tilt blowpipe". The McCallum Universal Expandable Blowpipe with built in valveis turned on a CNC machine and is made from the same durable plastic as used in a practice chanter, so the McCallum Universal Expandable Blowpipe with built in valve is very strong. The Airstream Tilt is a mold injected product and is a more brittle plastic. The McCallum Universal Expandable Blowpipe with built in valve has been engineered with less joints than other adjustable blowpipes so it does not have the air leakage problems that they have.

What  length blowpipe should I play?

Player’s Height Blowpipe Length Bag Size
5'- 2" or less 8” or less Small
5'- 3" to 5'- 6" 8” – 9” Extended Small
5'- 7" to 5'- 8" 9” – 9.5” Extended Small
5'- 9" to 5'- 10" 10” Medium
5'- 11" to 6'- 0” 10” – 11” Medium
6'- 1" to 6'- 4” 11” Med or Large
6'- 5" or more


Why is the Blowpipe length important?
The proper length of your Blowpipe has a great deal to do with the comfort of your bagpipe. With the pipe bag tucked under your arm the blowpipe should be in the middle of your mouth, if your head is forced back or to the side, the blowpipe is too long. If you are hunched forward, the blowpipe is too short. If you are using a standard blowpipe the easiest way to get the correct length is to unscrew the existing mouthpiece and try some different length mouthpieces. Round mouthpiecesare available in lengths from 2.5" to 6". Oval mouthpiecesare available in 3.5", 4.5" & 5.5" lengths. You may wish to experiment with both the round and the oval as most pipers find one more comfortable than the other.1" Blowpipe extensionare also available. These screw onto the end of your existing blowpipe and increase its length 1" at a time. Most of the older sets of bagpipes have a blowpipe and mouthpiece with a small diameter bore. The minimum diameter for the bore should be at least 5/16". If the bore is less than this, it should be enlarged. A good way to check to see if the blowpipe is non restrictive is to fill your lungs and blow as hard as you can through the blowpipe, if you can't empty your lungs in 1 second the blowpipe or mouthpiece is too restrictive, have it bored out. There are some very good plastic blowpipes available some have a built in valve and some have an adjustable length. One that has both these features is the Flexistick It has a large bore with a large built in valve, an adjustable length, and the angle of the blowpipe can be adjusted as well. If you play a wooden blowpipe, dry the inside with a pull through or a chanter drying brush after each session in order to avoid cracking and warping of the wood. Both plastic and wood blowpipes should be cleaned once every 4 months with a soft bristle brush and warm water to remove debris. With each of these procedures care must be taken in order not to damage the valve. Add a pull through, chanter drying brush, and soft bristle brush to your pipe case. A spare valve is also a must.

Pipeline Tip: Learn by doing!
Replacing a McCallum Universal Blowpipe Valve

1. Blowpipe assembled
2. Unscrew Bottom section from main stem
3. Push a 3/8" dowel or similar instrument in through the hemped end and knock out the rubber valve and the plastic retaining ring.
4. Clean all surfaces and place new valve inside bottom section.
5. Place plastic retaining ring firmly over the rubber valve
6. Reassemble bottom section onto the main stem

Learn by doing!
Reinstalling the adjustable length blowpipe stem.

1. Blowpipe mouthpiece with stem, knob for tightening (A.) and 2 rubber O-rings (B.).
2. The smaller hole on the tightening knob is placed onto the stem facing the mouthpiece.
3. One O-ring is placed into the grove on the stem
4. The 2nd O-ring is placed between the 1st O-ring and the tightening knob.
5. A small amount of Zip Grease is applied to both O-rings.
6. The stem is pushed into the main body of the blowpipe and the tightening knob tightened.


Imitation Ivory


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