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The pipe bag is the heart of the bagpipe, and a high quality airtight bag is essential. We have all of the major manufactures' bags in stock, including Canmore, Bannatyne, Ross and Willie McCallum, and many sizes and configurations are available.

Pipe Bag and Blowpipe Sizing Guide:

Player’s Height Blowpipe Length Bag Size
5'- 2" or less 8” or less Small
5'- 3" to 5'- 6" 8” – 9” Extended Small
5'- 7" to 5'- 8" 9” – 9.5” Extended Small
5'- 9" to 5'- 10" 10” Medium or Extended Medium
5'- 11" to 6'- 0” 10” – 11” Medium or Extended Medium
6'- 1" to 6'- 4” 11” Med or Large
6'- 5" or more 12” Med or Large

* Please note that these sizes are for Canmore and Bannatyne Pipe Bags. Ross Pipe Bags are oversized, so a Small Ross would be the same as an Extended Small on the chart, Ext Small Ross would be a Med, Med Ross would be a Large and a Large Ross would be an Extra Large.
*Also note that this is a general guide and may vary due to body shape.

Pipe Bags

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