» Pipers Choice Concert Pipes Key A (IN STOCK)

Love the pipes. Easy to tune. Tone is very similar to my fireside pipes, just a bit harsher but not in a bad way. Ive taken to them rather quickly so just really enjoying them!
Scott Pipers Choice Concert Pipes Key A (IN STOCK)

Pipers Choice Concert Pipes Key A (IN STOCK)

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The Pipers Choice Concert Pipe. This premium small pipe by Pipers’ Choice is pitched at A440, concert pitch. The “mini” bagpipe consists of bass, tenor and baritone drones and a chanter with a small pipe sound. The drones are beaded and combed with imitation ivory pieces. The drones utilize custom made Ezeedrone reed drone reeds and the chanter reed is custom designed for the chanter. The bag is a synthetic, Gortex material to allow for optimal moisture control at an affordable price. This instrument is pre-set to play in the concert key of A making it easy on pipers to perform with other musicians. The Concert Pipes are perfect for accompanying other instruments. Made in Canada.

Blowpipe Sizing Guide:
Player’s Height Blowpipe Length
5' 6" or less 8.5"
5' 7" - 5' 8" 9.5"
5' 9" - 5' 10" 10.5"
5' 11" & Taller 11.5"

Pipeline Tip: Learn by doing!
There is a valve located in the Blowpipe stock The blowpipe stock is a two part stock and contains the Valve. (located in the red circle above). To replace the valve, just unscrew the stock (A. above) and replace with an Airstream Replacement Valve. (B. & C. above)

Blowpipe Length:


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