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Woo Hoo, Fantastic, Amazing,
Hi Gerry,
Received the Scottish Small Pipes today and I must say they are great, I was having trouble blowing the Big Pipes as I live in an apartment and was not getting enough practice time in, these Scottish Small Pipes are nice and quite and give me plenty of practice time.
Stay Safe,
Sharon. Pipers Choice Traditional Small Pipes Key A (IN STOCK)

Pipers Choice Traditional Small Pipes Key A (IN STOCK)

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6.00 pounds

Our Traditional Small Pipes are a modern version on a traditional parlour pipe. This set of pipes has 2 tenor and 1 drone played in the Keys of A at 440z. The set of Trad A pipes comes fully assembled and ready to play. Made from durable polypenco. Comes with a synthetic pipe bag, chanter reed, drone reeds, cover and cords. Includes a soft case. Made in Canada.

Great Little Bagpipe almost maintenance free.

Blowpipe Sizing Guide:

Player’s Height Blowpipe Length
5' 6" or less 8"
5' 7" - 5' 8" 9"
5' 9" - 5' 10" 10"
5' 11" & Taller 11"

Pipeline Tip: Learn by doing!
There is a valve located in the Blowpipe stock The blowpipe stock is a two part stock and contains the Valve. (located in the red circle above). To replace the valve, just unscrew the stock (A. above) and replace with an Airstream Replacement Valve. (B. & C. above)

Blowpipe Length:


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