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Pipe Chanter Reeds

We carry a large selection of Bagpipe Chanter Reeds. In order to supply you with a consistant strength pipe chanter reed all our pipe chanter reeds are strength tested using The Pipe Reed Strength Tester. Tester is a great tool for any piper and will help determine the strength of the pipe chanter reeds you're playing. Here are the levels that we use. Please note the following are levels of water column inches. Soft - 27 or lower, Medium - 28 to 37, Hard - 38 or more. The Reed Strength Tester is a great tool for any piper and will help determin the strength of the pipe chanter reed that you are playing.

For more information about bagpipe reeds, Email us at: info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

Pipe Chanter Reeds

Dear Gerry,
The chanter reeds you sent out were here when I came back home.
Thank you so much for the quick service, I really appreciate the great service and the reeds selected were just the right strength.
I'll be coming back for the rest of my piping needs.

The reeds arrived without incident and they are amazing. Thanks for the fast, courteous service as always.
Ryan Willey.

I received my reeds. Thanks so much, they are perfect for me.
Hey just wanted to say thank you so much for the super speedy delivery of practice chanter reeds & rubber bands!!! I will forever use & recommend your company for great prices & service!!

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For more information: Email us at info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

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