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Proper maintenance of your bagpipe is essential to good playing. In this section you will find all of the items a good piper will have in their case. Call us with any of your maintenance concerns.

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Jerry, Just wanted to say thank you for your kind and professional service you extended to me and my two coworkers from the Newburgh Fire Dept. We are very excited about getting our band off the ground. I first stopped in with Tim who bought his first set of pipes and you gave him great advise and added to his excitement about learning to play the pipes. The next day I came with John and the time you gave us in getting our pipes set up was very much appreciated. The time and effort you put into finding a good reed for me and getting my chanter in tune was over and above the kind of service you see these days. John and I played a bit tonight and our pipes sounded great. I am very happy that we came to you and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Iíve never owned a new set of pipes, but when I am ready I will be coming to you. Thank you again for your kind and professional service.
Joseph Stankiewicz

Hi Jerry.

Hello Gerry,
It was a pleasure meeting you this past Wednesday at your beautiful shop. I truly appreciate the time you spent with me getting my pipes set up; and choosing a new practice chanter. Thanks to you, I'm enjoying piping again.
Happy New Year, and have a great 2017 !!

Just wanted to say thanks for your ingenuity in fixing my sonís pipes & the time you took doing everything else with my pipes. I really appreciate it, as does my son. He says his pipes are easier to play & sound better- At the tender age of 10 he can tell the difference!
Laura Cross Cheers,

Maintenance Items

Dear Gerry
Thanks again for setting up my pipes. It's a joy to play an airtight instrument that has been custom fitted to my size and blowing strength.
All the best.


VOILA! my bagpipes arrived back today.
I am very pleased, I opened the box, pulled out the instrument and BAM the sound was outstanding. Yea!! Great fix. I thought I would never have the problem corrected.
Much appreciated ,
Lee Auckenthaler.

Pipes going great. A big hit at the wedding.Thank you for all your help.
Practice resumes tonight-Ocean County Emerald.
Bob Phelan.

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For more information: Email us at info@pipeline-bagpipes.com

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